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Student Visa

Australian student visa

Australian Student Visa

Australia is dream country that everyone would love to visit or settle down. The country has much to offer in terms of education and its educational system is of top quality covering courses that are in sync with the requirements of industry and job market.

The country opens door to many state of art educational courses that allure many international students, especially from India to move towards the Australian continent. Students who intend to pursue higher education in Australia need to apply for an Australian student visa online or in person at embassy under the Visa subclass 500.

There are various visas that you need to apply and one such one is – Australian student visa (subclass 500). If you intent to study in Australia, you need to apply for student visa (subclass 500) regardless of your field of study.  As per new SSVF, brought by the Department of immigration from 1st July 2016, there will only be one student visa available to study in Australia and this visa is Subclass 500 regardless of the course of study. This visa allows studying full time in registered education institution and brings eligible members to stay with the student in Australia.

The applicant once granted for this visa can stay until the course is finished and continue to work for specified number of hours. Bluesky immigration service aids the students who plan to study in Australia with all the visa formalities required. Our immigration personnel provide professional help in furnishing the documents and details that are required to obtain Student visa (subclass 500).

Here are following requirements that one has to transpire to obtain Australian subclass 500 visa.

    1. Genuine temporary entrant criteria: The new simplified student visa framework strongly focuses on authenticity of student to make sure whether intention of candidate to stay in Australia is for study purpose or temporarily purpose. The requirement demands student immigration history and circumstances in home country.
    2. Financial status: Applicants of student visa must have sufficient funds to cover their course fee and living expenses. The Department of immigration and border protection has the complete right to ask for evidence candidate’s financial status and English language skills.
    3. Certificate of enrolment in registered course of study: When you are filing complaint, it is compulsory to submit a certificate of enrolment provided from a registered education provider in Australia. Students sponsored from foreign affairs or defense exception; are considered granted for this requirement.
    4. English language mandatory: Candidates with lower immigration risk may not be required to provide evidence of English language capabilities if they meet the requirements of education provider. However the ones with higher education risks are required to provide documentary evidence of their English language fluency under an acceptable test with their visa application.
    5. Welfare arrangements for students younger than 18 years of age: If the applicants are under the age of 18 years, they need to provide all the evidence of their welfare arrangements in Australia.
    6. Health and character requirement: Students applying for visa are required to provide proof of being of good character and undergo certain health examinations to fulfill some requirements of the application. They must also obtain overseas health cover (OSHO) to get visa granted.

Candidates are required to submit appropriate character and police certificates with the application.

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